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Mayine Ferro LLP was founded by Mr. Udayakar Sahoo with a visionary goal: to establish the company as an internationally renowned name in the steel and ferro alloys industry. From its inception, Mayine Ferro LLP has been driven by a commitment to build customer trust, foster dedicated employees, and uphold a strong sense of social responsibility.

As one of India's leading producers of bulk ferro alloys, Mayine Ferro LLP has made significant strides in the industry. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in the Hindupur and Nemakal districts of Andhra Pradesh, in the southern part of India. This advantageous geographical positioning allows us to efficiently distribute our high-quality products both domestically and internationally.

Over the years, Mayine Ferro LLP has grown from a nascent venture into a prominent player in the ferro alloys market. Our success is a testament to the vision and dedication of Mr. Sahoo, as well as the hard work and commitment of our entire team. Today, we continue to innovate and expand, constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.